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Tiny House

In our time outside of school, after-school activities, and lesson planning, we are actually starting to think about our life when we get back to the US. Yes, we know it’s a bit early to get started on that, but there is a reason. We are hoping to build and live in a tiny house during our graduate school years. What is a tiny house? Visit

Crazy, hippie, super-small, well-crafted, lots of fun, cheap living!

We are hoping to build our own tiny house on wheels for minimal cost when we return in July, and then finding a place to park it and hook up to basic amenities near school.  We are posting this to let you know how we occupy our free time (we have been able to map out the whole house using tape on our living room floor here), and to ask that if you have leftovers from any building project (wood, windows, roofing material…) we would love to take it off your hands! Also, if anyone has Penn State connections that might want to let us park this adorable home on their land (we would of course pay for utilities and renting the space) let us know! 

We are excited to try out a new style of living! Image